The Green Business College is a college dedicated to building ‘green’ entrepreneurs by uniting green skills with business know-how. The Green Business College was established in 2017 as a social enterprise by SEED Community (www.seedcom.org). Inspired by the BOOKBRIDGE model (www.bookbridge.org), it has been founded with the support of the HILTI Foundation (www.hiltifoundation.org).

The core offering of the Green Business College is affordable, short courses where students are taught practical ‘green’ skills accompanied with business skills and provided access to sales channels where they can sell their products. As part of our offering, we provide students with ongoing business coaching and mentor support. By course end students are able to establish their own small ‘green’ business, which will not only provide them with financial autonomy but also form part of a sustainable solution to the environmental, economic and social crisis South Africa is facing today.

Our vision is for The Green Business College to be an inspiring and innovative hub of learning, fostering a community of successful ‘green’ entrepreneurs. Our vision is for the Green Business College to be replicated in communities across Africa creating a network of centres, trainers and ‘green’ entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to recruit, train and develop aspiring ‘green entrepreneurs’. With a focus on the under-employed members of the community, the Green Business College teaches innovative ‘green skills’ partnered with key business skills and provides links to sales channels to assist students to set up their own sustainable, environmentally friendly, small business.

Manager of the Green Business College:
Dorah Marema:
Dorah has been director of SEED Community in South Africa since 2014. Alongside her passion for the social and economic empowerment of young women, Dorah holds a wealth of experience in the environmental sector in Africa. She received an award by the UN for her work in this field in 2015. Harnessing her talent for community development, her passion for the environment and the economic and social empowerment of the community at large, Dorah is the ideal manager for such a project.

Advisory Board:

The role of the Advisory Board is to provide strategic guidance to the GBC and its Head. It will make sure that the needs of the local community are considered. The Advisory Board includes different members of the community, with backgrounds in finance, legal knowledge, business structure, education, the environmental sector as well as community development.

At present, the Advisory Board comprises of Christina Vestey (Seed Community), Dorah Marema (Seed Community), Hanli Buber (Account Director and Business Developer at Avocado Vision). and Victor Dube (a community leader and Faith for Quality Education (FQE) in Tshepisong, a township of Johannesburg). Both Hanli Buber and Victor Dube bring a wealth of experience at a community level from both an economic and social perspective.

SEED Community:

Founded by Christina Vestey in 2011, SEED Community’s central focus has been the economic and social empowerment of young women in South Africa. It began with providing interest-free loans to young women to complete their tertiary education. In 2013, recognising the social challenges girls face growing up in South Africa today, SEED Community, established GirlZtalk. Operated by students on the SEED loan programme, GirlZtalk uses both on the ground and social media platforms to provide young women safe spaces to share their voice and gain access to unbiased information so they can make informed choices. SEED Community is creating the Green Business College In response to the economic, social and environmental crisis South Africa is facing. The focus will not be gender based but rather on the under-employed and under-skilled members of society.