Permaculture Landscaping Design & Organic Farming for Business

This intensive 5 day course offers practical training in permaculture landscaping design and organic farming principles and techniques to create sustainable environments that provide self-reliance in food, shelter, energy, fulfilling employment and supportive community. This training will be useful for those from beginning, backyard gardeners to design professionals. Practical sessions for design and gardening are included. Opportunities to volunteer and work alongside experienced permaculture designer and farmer will offer value-add to the trainees who are new-comers in the field.

Course Structure and Content:

1. Practical Skills Training

This part of the course is offered to give students all of the practical skills required to become a Permaculture landscaping designer and farmer with a high standard.

Students will learn the following:

  • Landscape layout & design: Layout theory and practical application in topography for sunshine optimisation, runoff harvesting and wind flow minimisation
  • Soil preparation: Soil type classification and rehabilitation using organic compost preparation, nitrogen fixing and soil stabilising pioneer plants
  • Seedling propagation: Nursery theory, practical medium preparation, seed types, seeding techniques and upkeep
  • Planting: Transplanting techniques, staggered planting, spacing, timing, irrigation and integrated pest control
  • Tending, maintenance & harvesting: Mulching, plant appropriate and water efficient irrigation techniques, produce and seed optimising  harvest methods

2. Business Skills Training:

This part of the course will take students through the necessary steps to turn their Permaculture Landscaping Design and Organic farming into a business. A very dynamic and practical approach is used to give students the maximum hands on experience as they develop their own individual, business plan. Students are given the opportunity to explore and develop their own networks. Students will learn the following:

  • How to start my business
  • Assets, Stocks, Cash and Credit
  • Balance Sheet
  • Quality and Value Add
  • Marketing My Product
  • Production, Sales and Costs
  • Income Statement
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Growing My Business

Course Duration: 5 days

Monday to Friday from 8.30am-4pm

Course Cost: R1200

Included in the Course Fees:

  • Seedlings
  • personal manual
  • 4 hours of private business coaching once the course is completed
  • certificate of completion
  • membership to the Green Business College
  • tea and coffee at break

What is not included in the course fees?

  • snacks, lunch and drinks (other than tea,coffee and water)
  • transport to and from college
  • stationary and pens for writing

What to bring:

  • notebook and pen for note-taking
  • food and drinks (other than tea,coffee and water)
  • Gardening gear ( if you have one, but NOT necessary)
  • entrepreneurial spirit and lots of energy! 😉