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Green Business College Online Course Modules

Have you got the bug and want to start growing your own veggies?

Do you want to maximise growth and turn your vegetable harvest into a profitable business? 

Would you like to kick start your business idea and turn it into a reality?

We are bringing our highly successful courses online so that you can maximise your time, learn new skills, and get your business ideas up and running. With each course, we offer weekly review updates where you can share your experiences and questions. No prior experience needed just lots of energy, good internet connection, and your entrepreneurial spirit.

You can join 1 or all modules depending on your needs. 

Maximum 10 students per course

The UBUNTU Project

Through our database at the Green Business College, we are collaborating with 23 permaculture farmers to provide food packages to the most vulnerable in their communities. A family will receive a box of fresh produce, dried beans, eggs, soap, two packets of seeds, 50 seedlings, and 20kg of compost.

Let’s ALL enjoy the freshest organic vegetables celebrating the spirit of UBUNTU!

Order your UBUNTU Fresh Produce Box delivered to your door and sponsor a vulnerable family start their own fresh food garden.